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30th November 2017

About International Digital Preservation Day

International Digital Preservation Day is held on the last Thursday of every November. This year, the first ever International Digital Preservation Day on 30th November 2017 will draw together individuals and institutions from across the world to celebrate the collections preserved, the access maintained and the understanding fostered by preserving digital materials.

The aim of the day is to create greater awareness of digital preservation that will translate into a wider understanding which permeates all aspects of society – business, policy making, personal good practice. Pervasive, changing and ubiquitous, digital technologies are a defining feature of our age. Digital materials are a core commodity for industry, commerce and government. They are fundamental for research, the law and medicine. The creative industries, cultural heritage and the media depend on reliable access to digital materials while families and friends extend and sustain their relationships through digital interactions. What better reason to celebrate the opportunities created by digital preservation. 


Latest Blogs

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Here comes the sun: IDPD17+1

William Kilbride

William Kilbride

Last updated on 1 December 2017

The sun has set now on International Digital Preservation Day (IDPD17) around the world, so, at the very last tick of the clocks on the most westerly reaches of the setting sun, we’d like to conclude by offering our thanks to colleagues in all time zones.

We have been astonished, delighted and massively energized by the numbers that participated, by the number of blogs, tweets, emails, messages on every media platform imaginable. There has been a significant effort of disk-imaging, file-migrating, and archive-describing. I never knew that ‘digital preservation cake’ was a thing but there’s been an awful lot of it in show; I didn’t know that a working ‘day’ could last for 39 hours; and I could scarcely have imagined the word ‘cryo-flux-a-thon’.  There has been enthusiasm and generosity, insight and commitment, and a wonderful sense of celebration at the gathering of our dynamic, diverse and dispersed community.

I think it is safe to say that our first International Digital Preservation Day has been a success. 

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Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group in Mexico City, 2019

Natalie M. Baur

Natalie M. Baur

Last updated on 1 December 2017

Natalie Baur is Preservation Librarian at Biblioteca Daniel Cosío Villegas, El Colegio de México in Mexico City.

 The Biblioteca Daniel Cosío Villegas at the Colegio de México in Mexico City is thrilled to announce that we will be the hosts for the next Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group meeting! This exciting conference will be held at the Colegio de México’s installations from February 12-14, 2019, so save the date now! You will not want to miss this unique opportunity to talk digital preservation with colleagues from around the world. PASIG 2019 will be unique in that this is the very first time that the meeting will be held in a Latin American country. Mexico City is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that will afford lots of excellent discussion on digital preservation advances locally in Mexico and throughout the Caribbean and Latin American region. We plan to have many attendees from across the region present at the meeting and this new infusion of perspectives and experiences will undoubtedly reinvigorate discussions happening in the international digital preservation community.

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Creating a Linked Data version of PREMIS

Evelyn McLellan

Evelyn McLellan

Last updated on 29 November 2017

Evelyn McLellan is President of Artefactual Systems and member of the PREMIS Editorial Committee.

It has been a busy couple of years for the PREMIS Editorial Committee. Since June 2015, when we released version 3.0 of the PREMIS Data Dictionary, we have been revising and releasing supporting documentation such as revised Guidelines for using PREMIS with METS and Understanding PREMIS, and updating and enhancing the preservation vocabularies, particularly the eventType vocabulary.

Perhaps the biggest undertaking, however, has been the preparation of a new OWL ontology by a working group that includes some members of the Editorial Committee plus external Linked Data experts and preservation practitioners. This is a work in progress and we are hoping to release a draft soon for a period of public review and feedback.

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Losing the Battle to Archive the Web

David S. H. Rosenthal

David S. H. Rosenthal

Last updated on 7 December 2017

David S. H. Rosenthal is a retired Chief Scientist for the LOCKSS Program at Stanford Libraries. 

Nearly one-third of a trillion Web pages at the Internet Archive is impressive, but in 2014 I reviewed the research into how much of the Web was then being collected and concluded:

Somewhat less than half ... Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why this simplistic assessment is wildly optimistic.

Costa et al ran surveys in 2010 and 2014 and concluded in 2016:

during the last years there was a significant growth in initiatives and countries hosting these initiatives, volume of data and number of contents preserved. While this indicates that the web archiving community is dedicating a growing effort on preserving digital information, other results presented throughout the paper raise concerns such as the small amount of archived data in comparison with the amount of data that is being published online.
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Digitization Is Not Digital Preservation

Peter Zhou

Peter Zhou

Last updated on 29 November 2017

Peter Zhou is Director and Assistant University Librarian at University of California, Berkeley

Over the past decade, I have spoken frequently at conferences on both sides of the Pacific, on digital information management and digital preservation, and I have just as frequently encountered academic leaders, librarians, and information specialists working under the misconception that digitization somehow equals digital preservation.

To many, converting print or analog content to a digital format and transferring the converted content to a disk, server, or other storage devices is an exercise in digital preservation. I usually point out that digital conversion makes content digital, but it cannot and will not guarantee that the digitized content can or will be preserved for an unspecified period to come, since the new format may become old, obsolete, or unusable in a matter of a few years—and then there are the problems of format reconciliation, checksum, error correction, data storage, and data migration, all of which are critical components of a robust digital preservation operation, whereas by simply storing the digital content and doing nothing else, one will miss all those vital steps.

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What's on*

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More blogs from around the world

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Daniel Gomes, Arquivo.pt, Portugal

'Digital Archives, Working with Depositors'

Simon Wilson, Hull History Centre, UK

'Digital preservation and the Anne McLaren Papers'

Jonathan Pledge, British Library

'International Digital Preservation Day at the Danish National Archives'

Jan Dalsten Sørensen, Danish National Archives

'Let There Be Digital Preservation – A View from the Data Archive'

Tuomas J. Alaterä, Finnish Social Science Data Archive

'Personal archives and personal digital archiving'

Dr. Arian Rajh, Highflott, Zagreb Croatia

'Taking a holistic approach: Creating a digital preservation program at Rensselaer Libraries'

Andrea Byrne, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), USA

'The Lifecycle and Preservation of Electronic Records'

Leslie Johnston, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), USA

'The new ETH Zurich Web Archive'

Marion Wullschleger and Angela Gastl, ETH Zurich University Archives, Switzerland


Tighearnan Kelly, National Library of Australia

'Why Storage is not Preservation: A Conversation, surrounded by Conservation'

Kathryn Cassidy, Digital Repository of Ireland, Dublin


Join in

Organised by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and supported by digital preservation networks around the world, International Digital Preservation Day is open to participation from anyone interested in securing our digital legacy. We want International Digital Preservation Day to provide a window into the daily activities of those involved with or contemplating digital preservation. And, in order to create a full a picture as possible, we would like to showcase a wide range of experiences, activities, projects, collections and challenges. Data creators, curators and consumers from around the world are invited to get involved and share stories of their own 'digital preservation day.'

  • BLOG

    Share your digital preservation story with us on International Digital Preservation Day. If you are a member, you can post directly to the DPC blog on the day (please register first). Members please login for step-by-step details of how to blog.

    If you have your own blog, you can post your piece there and send us a link to it and we’ll add it to the IDPD17 page, or send your post in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday 10th November, and we’ll add it to the DPC blog for you.


    Take a picture that sums up your digital preservation day and share it with us using the hashtag #IDPD17, or send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll add it to the DPC Instagram roll.


    Record an inspirational conference session or seminar, capture a workflow from your desktop, or narrate a PowerPoint presentation on digital preservation and share with us using the hashtag #IDPD17.


    Digital preservation themed events, webinars, seminars, launches and informal gatherings will be taking place around the world on 30th November. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday 10th November with details of your IDPD17 event to list it on the DPC website, and promote it using the #IDPD17 hashtag and logo.

    See listing below.


    The DPC's own contribution to International Digital Preservation Day is the 'Bit List' of Digitally Endangered Species. By compiling this list, the DPC aims to celebrate great digital preservation endeavors as entries make their way up the list becoming less of a ‘concern,’ whilst still highlighting the need for efforts to safeguard those still considered ‘critically endangered.’

    Entries are now closed, and the 'Bit List' will be published on 30th November.


    Use social media to share your ‘digital preservation day.’ Can you convince your organization to let you take over the corporate account for the day to talk about digital preservation?

    Remember to use the hashtag #IDPD17.

  • NEWS

    Read the latest International Digital Preservation Day news on the DPC website.


    International Digital Preservation Day is supported by specialist networks around the world including: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), Netherlands Coalition for Digital Preservation (NCDD), nestor and Open Preservation Foundation (OPF).

    The DPC would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for translating and providing IDPD17 Logos in a multitude of international languages: Eileen Lim, Library and Archives Canada; Barbara Signiori, Swiss National Library; Rob Buckley, UAE Archives; Brecht DeClercq, VIAA; Joshua Ng and Viknesh, Asian Film Archives; Maung Okkar, Save Myanmar Film; Efi Sri Handayani, Indonesian Film Center; Lisabona, Moving Image Preservation and Presentation Consultant; Sanchai Chotirosseranee, Film Archive, Thailand; Bono Olgado, University of the Philippines; Miguel Angel Mardero Arellano, IBICT Brazil.

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