30 May 2018 | 8am PST - 10am CT - 4pm BST/CET Online Webinar

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The Software Preservation Webinar Series provides a survey of software preservation contexts. Each episode will explore a different software preservation context by providing an overview, discussion with guest speakers (specialists in digital preservation, software studies, scholarly communication, open source software and more) and open discussion with attendees.

The webinar series is jointly hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition and the Software Preservation Network.

EPISODE 6: Software Preservation and Legal Challenges

This episode will explore the legal challenges associated with preservation, sharing and reuse of software. Guests will discuss their current advocacy work and next steps for legal strategy around software preservation.


  • Brandon Butler (University of Virginia)
  • Additional participants forthcoming

Discussion Questions:

  1. Describe the relevant legal considerations when discussing software preservation and reuse in a research context.
  2. Describe your work in this area - who you are working with and your methods for understanding the current state of the field.
  3. What can digital preservation practitioners do in order to ensure that software dependency concerns are heard and considered?

Sharing experiences and perspectives is critical to understanding the hurdles in software preservation, to imagining future use of software-dependent data, and to forming a mutual understanding of where collective action is necessary to facilitate those future uses so we hope you will join the discussion.

The webinar series is free to attend and open to all.  Registration for each episode will close the Friday before the scheduled episode.

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